Backup your Klisto LE mobile database to Dropbox

With Klisto LE 2.0 you can easily create a backup of your database.  This backup includes your text data as well as image attachments.  You also have the option to upload your backup to Dropbox automatically.

Upload your Klisto LE backup to Dropbox

You can use your backup to copy everything to another iOS device.  Just tap Open in… in the Dropbox app on your second device to copy the backup to your Klisto LE app.

Copy to your iPad using Dropbox and 'Open in...'

The backup file will now be displayed in the list of Available Backups on your target device.  You can now restore this backup to view your data.

Available Backups

Klisto LE is available in the iTunes App Store and is a Universal app, so you only need to purchase it once to run on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

What other features would you like to see in Klisto LE?  Leave us a note in the comments below.

Klisto Services To Be Discontinued

Due to a lack of demand, our Klisto® web-based services, including cloud syncing and access to, will be discontinued and will go offline on Monday October 20th at 11:59 PM EDT. We are sending this notice so that customers have adequate time to export their data. After this date you will not be able to access data via or sync your Klisto mobile app with our cloud services. You *will* still be able to use the Klisto iOS app to store data locally on your mobile device. Customers who purchased the Klisto iOS app will still be able to install it via iTunes.

During the next 60 days, all users with current subscriptions, or who purchased the app or a monthly subscription within the past 6 months, will be provided with access to Klisto services without the need to renew their monthly subscription. Effective immediately, the Klisto iOS app and in-app-purchase subscriptions will no longer be available for purchase.

Instructions for exporting your data are available on our blog home page at .

We apologize to our loyal customers. Our internet services did not meet the level of demand required for a sustainable business. Over the next few weeks we will be considering what to do next, including the possibility of a simplified mobile-only product offering. Please feel free to contact us at this email address if you have any questions.

The Klisto Support Team

Email: support @ infogenium .com

Exporting your Klisto data

Your Klisto data can be exported by using the Export List feature at .  On the Klisto home page, you’ll see the My Lists table with all your lists.  Click on a list to view the data.  Once there you can click the Export List button to download your data in CSV format.  The file format is UTF-8 encoded with a comma delimiter and double-quote text qualifier.

Export Lists Button


To export images associated with your data, you’ll need to connect your mobile device to your desktop or laptop.

  • Connect your phone to your PC or Mac that has iTunes installed
  • In iTunes, go to iPhone > Apps > File Sharing
  • Under File Sharing, select Klisto, then select the username_files folder
  • Click Save To, and save the folder to a local directory

iTunes File Sharing 3



File names will be in a format such as 0D5C0414-F2E7-4BCE-B1C1-3A1024F0A1BA_Photo-20140510-111923.jpg. The end part of the file name (Photo-20140510-111923.jpg) will match with your data records.



Demo video: Klisto™ Mobile Database app

See cloud sync, web access and collaboration in action.

Klisto is the mobile database app for your iPhone® and iPad® that syncs with the cloud to help keep your data organized.

Infogenium Software Releases Klisto™ Mobile Database App with Cloud Sync for iPad® and iPhone®

Infogenium Software Releases Klisto™ Mobile Database App with Cloud Sync for iPad® and iPhone®

Mobile Database Now Available in Apple’s App Store

PHILADELPHIA, PA – November 12, 2012 – Infogenium Software today announced the availability of Klisto, a mobile database app for iPad and iPhone devices that syncs with the cloud, to keep data organized on multiple devices while also providing web access and collaboration features.

Klisto lets users organize and edit business and personal data with an easy-to-use native iOS mobile app. Users can create and customize any list for their needs. Klisto works with the cloud, to keep data in sync on all your devices and support data access and collaboration through a desktop web browser at

“We’re very excited to offer Klisto to the community of empowered iPhone and iPad users.” said Andre Oporto, founder of Infogenium Software. “Klisto has cloud features that set it apart from other mobile database products, including automatic syncing, as well as web access to cloud data for editing and collaboration. Small to midsize businesses and consultants will find Klisto especially useful, thanks to templates that are provided for organizing business data such as customer information, sales and inventory. Power users will find it useful as a productivity tool. This is a very flexible app that makes it simple to keep your data in sync on all your mobile devices.”

Klisto is a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is now available worldwide in Apple’s App Store for $9.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. Cloud sync and access require a paid subscription, which is available through In App Purchase. A 14-day subscription is included with the purchase of the Klisto app. Cloud storage for records and files is limited based on the selected subscription. For more information visit:

Infogenium Software LLC is a privately held company with headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations grow and share knowledge, by providing simple and effective productivity and collaboration tools.

Klisto and the Klisto Cloud logo are trademarks of Infogenium Software LLC. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

For further information, or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Andre Oporto
Founder and President
Infogenium Software LLC
Tel: +1.484.693.0876
Twitter: @infogeniumsoft

Klisto™ Mobile Database for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the Apple AppStore

Your data on your devices, organized and in sync

The Klisto Cloud

Klisto™ is a mobile database app for your iPad and iPhone that syncs with the cloud to keep your data organized and accessible. Organize your business and personal data. Create and customize any list for your needs. Works with the cloud to keep your data in sync on all your devices. You can also access your data through a web browser at

Beta testers wanted for Klisto™ mobile database

The Mobile Database Built for the Cloud

We are looking for beta testers for Klisto™, the mobile database built for the cloud. You can join via TestFlight. Details including the latest screenshots are available at

Klisto for iOS

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