The Mobile Technology Blog for Small Business

Today I’m starting a new mobile technology blog targeted at small businesses.  I feel there is a great deal of information that can be shared with this community on making the best use of current and emerging mobile solutions such as smartphones and tablets. I hope this will lead to some interesting posts and discussions.

Mobile isn’t new, and as a former user of Palm PDAs, Treos and Blackberries I understand that these products have evolved over time.  The latest technologies are however a significant leap ahead of previous generations, which explains the obvious excitement for these devices.

Tablets in their current form factor are still very new. They have only recently become popular thanks to the iPad, and we are starting to see them everywhere. The amount of excitement around this device still surprises me, but as an owner of one I am starting to understand why, given their power and portability.  Many consumers and businesses want to start using them today. The challenge is to determine what real problems we are trying to solve with these devices.

Mobile technologies are an opportunity to become even more productive.  They extend the innovations that have been realized with the adoption of personal computers, the web and high-speed internet access.  With mobile, as with all new technologies, I want to look past the hype and find where the real value lies, because it’s definitely there.

By leveraging mobile technologies, small businesses can be more agile in responding to opportunities, providing a competitive advantage that can lead to increased profitability.

The goal of this blog is to help you make the most of today’s mobile world and be ready for the future.

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