Exporting your Klisto data

Your Klisto data can be exported by using the Export List feature at http://www.klisto.com .  On the Klisto home page, you’ll see the My Lists table with all your lists.  Click on a list to view the data.  Once there you can click the Export List button to download your data in CSV format.  The file format is UTF-8 encoded with a comma delimiter and double-quote text qualifier.

Export Lists Button


To export images associated with your data, you’ll need to connect your mobile device to your desktop or laptop.

  • Connect your phone to your PC or Mac that has iTunes installed
  • In iTunes, go to iPhone > Apps > File Sharing
  • Under File Sharing, select Klisto, then select the username_files folder
  • Click Save To, and save the folder to a local directory

iTunes File Sharing 3



File names will be in a format such as 0D5C0414-F2E7-4BCE-B1C1-3A1024F0A1BA_Photo-20140510-111923.jpg. The end part of the file name (Photo-20140510-111923.jpg) will match with your data records.



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