Get Your Tweets Noticed With The Right Hashtags and Mentions

One of the best ways I have found to get Tweets noticed by my target audience is by putting in the right # hashtags and @ mentions.  You’ll want to use no more than 2-3 of these, and be sure they are relevant; otherwise it looks spammy.  This is especially important for mentions. is a great resource for looking up trending topics.  You can see activity totals and graphs for a tag, mention or plain text.  Using this I determined that #mobileapp was a better option than #mobile for a future Tweet. This is an effective way to optimize your tags and avoid using those that are overused, underused, misspelled or less specific/relevant. Topsy also provides RSS and email alert summaries for search results. Screenshot

How to Focus Your Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner, it’s easy to feel like your marketing efforts are too scattered.  While we may have a sound strategy regarding our product positioning and target customers, the number of marketing channels available can seem overwhelming, even when limited to digital marketing.

Alyssa Dver provides some excellent advice on how to focus your small business marketing efforts:

Rather than trying to tweet, blog, cold call, and do an email newsletter, focus on one well-thought out marketing program such as a blog or PR campaign. Then find as many ways to reuse the content as possible using tools or even interns to place the already created information into other relevant channels. In this way, you can “do” a lot of things but in essence, you are focused on the quality of one.

via Expert Advice: How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan for Small Businesses | LinkedIn.

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