Ian Thane: “Mobility in business is now a necessity”

Ian Thane wrote an insightful blog posting entitled “Mobility in business is now a necessity” in which he asserts:

“Smart businesses won’t just think of mobile applications as extending existing systems, but look at how new systems can free your workforce to create value in a multitude of environments and in more innovative ways.”

I think this is a great statement. The current generation of smartphones provide capabilities that are still very new to us, and we are only beginning to understand how to leverage them. The way to accomplish this is to listen to your internal and external mobile customers. They probably have some fantastic and profitable ideas.

I find it very exciting to think where mobile businesses will be five years from now.


HTML5 Links

Still wondering what all the fuss is about HTML5 and mobile?  Here are some links that you may find helpful…

Why companies are flocking to HTML5 – Fortune Tech

HTML5: A Look Behind the Technology Changing the Web – WSJ.com

Will HTML5 replace native apps? It might: here’s how to figure out when – Guardian Technology Blog

but be sure to consider the pros & cons of Native vs. Web Apps:

Mobile applications: native v Web apps – what are the pros and cons? – mobithinking.com

Which is better, native or web?  There is no simple answer based on the many ongoing debates.  I think the best quick answer is “it depends.”  What are you trying to build and for whom?

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