Web Marketing Tactics for 2012

With the new year approaching, it’s a good time start considering ways to improve your web marketing efforts.  Here are some articles I have found very helpful this week.

Start & Maximize your Blog

Blogs are a great marketing tool and are not just for SEO.  They are an effective means to engage with your customers and get a conversation going about topics that are important to them.  By educating your customers you give them a reason to keep coming back to your site.  An engaged customer is more likely to buy your products and help you improve your business in other ways, such as providing input for your Customer Development efforts.  If you are targeting a specific niche (e.g. small businesses that want to be mobile savvy) then you have an advantage in knowing who your audience is and areas of interest.  Chris Vaughn writes “In 2012, your business should start a blog. (And if you already have a blog, then use this year to maximize its reach.)”  Here is part one of his series:

Starting a Blog for Your Business in 2012 – Part 1: Early Challenges

Use Twitter (really!)

Still not convinced you should be using Twitter, or possibly Facebook?  Here is one stat that stands out: “81% of U.S. adults online use social media. Most likely, at least some of your customers, and competitors for that matter, fall into that overwhelming majority.”  This quote comes from David Kirkpatrick’s excellent article below.

B2B Marketing: 6 lessons learned in 2011 from 7 marketing experts
(be sure to see Tactic #3. Lead Generation: Take advantage of social media)

What worked in 2011? What’s Next?

What marketing efforts worked for you in 2011, and what other efforts are you considering for next year?  Post your reply here; I would love to hear from you.

What topics would you like to see on this blog in 2012?  Contact me and I will make sure we discuss it here.

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